I was first introduced to what great photography looked like through a subscription to National Geographic, given to me by my late grandmother. My love affair with photography really began when I first picked up my parent’s old film camera when I was 13. Fascinated by movies, magazines, paintings, and other visual arts I would continue to try to produce the visions I had into photographs and other works. At 16, my best friend and fellow photobug built a darkroom in his closet. From then on, my love affair became a full-out addiction. Over the years, I have worked with both film and digital, and finally made the transition to Macs,earlier this year. Most important to me is that my work reflects the values and images I grew up with, and that I always strive to improve with each passing year. Special thanks goes to my wife, who is a saint for understanding and putting up with the hectic and rather expensive life a photography addict.